Visit Tibet


Living room




    • Characteristics:
    • Quality: Hot embossing
    • Material:Non-woven
    • Format:1,06m
    • Style:Modern

Tibet is a beautiful mountainous country with a specific climate, landscape, way of life, and culture. When creating the collection of VISIT TIBET! wallpapers, our designers have been inspired by elaborate Tibetan braid mats, flowers, the combination of the colors of sunny sky, green grass, soil, and mountain lakes.
The VISIT TIBET! collection includes 6 designs complementing each other: these are an original combination of shades and an interesting ornament interweaving, 30 items in total. The collection is fabricated in the hot embossing technique. For more expressiveness, some elements are covered with glitter and glisten with pearl paints.
Visit Tibet! It won’t leave you indifferent.